0 blammers

2010-07-05 19:08:05 by GOAT-MEN

Dear blammers, instead of voting 0 just to see your song/flash go up a peg or two on the charts, get a real perception of voting, its sad to see artists go straight to the bottom for 1 zero blam, nothing deserves a zero, in fact why dont you yourself make better flash/songs so you dont have to vote yours a 5 everyday? just a little rant because its happend to me a few times today, check this out and see if it deserves a blam http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /345568


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2010-07-05 19:12:57

i didnt like it, so i voted 0

sorry -_-

GOAT-MEN responds:

Alright, thats cool if you didnt like it but i mean its on newgrounds, and writing it took work and effort, I mean at least a 1 just for the practice time lol


2010-07-05 20:25:09

4.02 / 5.00 (+ 0.21)
Thought it deserved more than what it had.


2010-07-05 20:33:09

your art deserved a zero

GOAT-MEN responds:

yea that was a bad era, i should prolly take it down just tryin to put some stuff out there lol


2011-04-02 18:51:03

Can't blame you for being a self-righteous do-gooder; I does nobody any harm. But, you're ignorant - Now, THAT'S a problem.


2011-04-02 18:51:29

It* does


2011-06-05 19:32:00


I feel your frustrations towards the haters.
That submission you liked to deserved no where near a 0.

- Ziro out.