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"You are bongmaster loli, the dragon communist, and you will die in a battle from Pokemon"

To everyone who cant get past day 40....you guys are idiots, this game is so easy and obvious to beat, first try, still going on 700 days, 110 days of food 80 bullets, and 70HP only things are once you get past day 10, everything is the same.....all random my ass i hit the super zombie 6 times in a row, then find food 4 times in a row, all in all, pretty cheaply made game, has potential yet lacks so many things needed to make it a cult classic.

Always good things coming from krinkels and swain, although I notice that the lag (yes im sure its been talked about) has gotten a little worse from the last update, I can barely handle waves 20-30, other than that, SELL BACK OPTION would make this game great, good time killer, have restarted several times on here, just gets boring after you own everything and have all your stats up. Hoping for more updates soon.

_-Ze Goat-_

For everyone who thought this game was easy, and is bitching about it, Durp. Its supposed to be a time killer, Obviously you didnt play the first one if your complaining about this. Just sit back and enjoy 10 min worth of a game like a normal computer nerd.

Well Done (or in this case crispy...)

Very nice game, mix of Q bert and running for your life as an Englishman who wanted nothing more than a picnicicicic with his beloved goat companion. Simple game, but interesting enough to be quite entertaining, nothing really negative to report here, keep up the good work.

_-Ze Goat-_

Great Work

Ok, first off, sabastu, your really gonna rate the overall game based on the castle graphics.....weaksauce dude.....Everything was great, the concept, the gameplay, and the upgrades were unique because depending on which ones you have at the time, determine your strategy. Really nothing negative to report, Keep it up, and Hope to see a sequel, perhaps about modern war, with similar features?

_-Ze Goat-_

The good, The bad, and the Glitchy

First off, I have to say, the guy below me, can go suck a chode, theres no reason to be that disrespectful to a flash artist, so get off your soapbox douchebag. There, had to get that out there, in regard to the game, yea, theres quite a few glitches, but I'm sure you guys will fix them in an update, so im not too worried about that, other than that, its a fairly good game, just work on those bugs. 4/5 7/10

_-Ze Goat-_

Another Good one

Congrats on daily 2nd, long time fan of The Super Flash Bros, and to those who said the game was too short, you have to understand, this game was made in a weekend and not intended to be 3 hours long. I like the role switch in the game, usually you have to save the earth from such monsters, its good to be that unstoppable force once in a while. 5/5 10/10, cant wait for Detective Grimoire 2, keep up the good work! _-Ze Goat-_


I like your style of art, and the fact that the Missouri Badasses are on the side of your bus, lol I live in rolla, so now hopefully people on newgrounds have a reference point to where im from lol great game man


I'v played this game since it came out, on and off, and it still entertaining. Final Scores: Medals-All Feet (hight) 2607 Feet (distance) 4,365,301 or 826 miles

I have devoted my main goal in the remaining time I have at newgrounds, to reviewing, scoring, and overall Judging other's work, my reviews are based on honesty, creativeness, technical aspects, plot, gameplay, and all around vibe of the project.

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