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A for effort in this case, decent animation styling, but man the audio was a wreck, not very applealing the the audience if they have to refer to a script, maybe keep the animation, and re work the audio, if your needing voice work, hit me up, otherwise my advice is slow down a bit, work with the voice a bit, find your range to where you can pull it off, but at the same time its audible. overall 3.5/5 5/5 (cause Fulp is DA man)

Kolumbo responds:

thanks man

I'v seen alot of "lol omfg thats so cool of a video" but how about a real review? I'v been on the site for 9+ years and have seen hundreds of vids, but this one jumps out at me in the originality department.

Lets start with the positive, firstly the thing that sparked my interest was the Real Life television show preaching religion, I dont see alot of RL/animation hybrid's anymore, esp. to further the plot of the video, props.

Next I'd like to say the way you twisted a child's song into a beautifully crafted horror short, its got everything a proper horror flick needs creepy antagonist, gore, and small children. You have really outdone yourself.

Now on to the negative, which I believe every artist needs to hear to further they're creative/technical prowess.

There are not many things negative about your work, but I did see a few things, mainly the large file size, took me awhile to actually watch this, and then there was a little rigidness about your characters, maybe in the future work on smoothing them out? Nothing too bad though.

Overall this was a great movie, and again props to you for originality and inovation, 5/5- 4.5/5- 10/10
I hope to see some more work from you of this caliber.

Best Regards,
_-Ze Goat-_

Gi-go responds:

Thanks very much, I appreciate these reviews.

I didn't mean to throw in any kind of message with the Christian children's show, but in the low budget creepy department, nothing in the world beats those shows, and I do love live action hybrids.

The file size is actually pretty small for a video file, perhaps they're working out some kinks in the NG player? Try out the vimeo version on my site, that might run more smoothly.

Thanks again sir!

Wow.....where to begin, how about the positive....Animation was solid, transitions were good, everything technical about this film was A+, now the negative. Firstly win the lottery become a rich white person? Thats not racist but its pretty disturbing, and im not a hate monger, I know the point you were trying to convey to your audience. But whoever the minorities were in the video hispanic/black, there are just as many white people living in poverty in America, your movie was one sided to say the least to say that white's are living the high life and sexing it up all over the place. I dont know if you made the video for personal reasons of your own, or for entertainment, but it seems you have a grudge against white people.....you can take what I said however you like, just expressing an opinion.

_-Ze Goat-_


its funny because i heard about this on the radio, then watched the youtube vid, and its almost to the t what happend, minus some of the witty banter, and yea he says amberlance.... _-Ze Goat-_


Always been a fan of happy harry producions, and im happy to say, this is up to par with all your other works, its not retarded, its a beautifully crafted masterpiece of nick cage and cake, bravo my friend. _-Ze Goat-_

pretty sweet

I liked the animation, as well as the mega-man style, voice was dead on, and pretty funny too, AND ALL THE KIDS WILL MAKE FUN OF YOU ON THE BUS! _-Ze Goat-_


At first i thought this was going to be lame, but then i heard satan speak...wow, great job, i hope there is more to come of this, would make a great series....._-Ze Goat-_

very nice

I liked the animation, and the plot was pretty good, very dane cookish main character, i noticed that he is very similar to a 'shorties' episode i once saw. keep up the good work. I hope to see another episode real soon.

Good stuff,,,

I just saw some of your guy's work for the first time today, and must say, props on creating this, its really made me laugh, sound like dane cook, or am i just blazin again?


Hmmm, I got shot down for trying a madness comic colab in the forums, and this guy gets front page exposure? well i guess newgrounds isnt what it used to be....the only thing good i can say about this was the shaun connery voice...and maybe the music?

I have devoted my main goal in the remaining time I have at newgrounds, to reviewing, scoring, and overall Judging other's work, my reviews are based on honesty, creativeness, technical aspects, plot, gameplay, and all around vibe of the project.

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